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  • Food & drink (watch videos and learn how to cook delicious meals for you and your family!)

  • Love and relationships (Humans beings are not solitary creatures, and something that unites all of us is our adventures in the world of relationships, love and sex. VideoJug can help. From doing the right things on a first date to building a healthy relationship and sex life, and from dealing with infidelity to surviving the strains of divorce, allow our experts to offer a guiding hand.

  • Beauty and style (Everybody cares about the way they look. VideoJug has hundreds of videos about how to make the very best of your physical appearance. Whether you want to know how to buy and care for clothes, or are interested in the secrets of make-up, hair, skin and nails, we have lots of professionally made videos to help you look your best.)

  • Sports and fitness (Sports are a global obsession, and fitness an increasingly important part of many lives. VideoJug has hundreds of expert-led, professionally made videos about a variety of sports and fitness regimes. So, whether you want to know how to play tennis or golf, or ride a horse, or you want to get fit or become proficient at yoga, we have the video for you. On your marks...)

  • Health & medicine (Understanding health and medicine will help you take the steps toward a long and happy life. Learn how to diagnose your symptoms, find the best available treatment, and ask informed questions to your physicians. Our health and medicine experts will guide you whether you’re on the road to recovery or the path to prevention.

  • Leisure and hobbies (We all want to make the most of our free time. Some of us like to play poker, while others like to cuddle up with their PlayStation 3 controller and save galaxies. Whatever your game, be it video games, board games, knitting, collecting trinkets, or even casino gambling, our Leisure & Hobbies channel will help you get the most from your beloved "Me" time. Enjoy.)

  • Technology & gadgets (Technology and gadgets are redefining communication and commerce. The world gets smaller, technologies converge and companies are competing to offer the most portable, versatile and technologically advanced products and gadgets on the market. But which computer, TV, digital camera, MP3 player, PDA or DVD player do you really need? Let VideoJug help!)

  • DIY & House and garden (veryone loves their home, and, if they have one, their garden. Using top-class experts and professionally made films, VideoJug shows you how to improve your home, get the best from your garden and get to grips with DIY tasks, however simple or complex. Using them you'll be able to maintain your home, manicure your garden and tackle those jobs around the house.)

  • Pets (Welcome to the VideoJug pet channel! Whether you own a dog, cat, or something more exotic, we have lots of useful films on caring for your pet right here.)

  • Family (Whether it’s your newborn baby or independent teenager, we have the parenting facts you’ll need. View our videos on newborns, baby care, nutrition, development, mental and physical health, childproofing, adoption and much more.)