• Clickandlearn (a website where you can practice with many games and online activities. simply click "Enter site", then select English and "Open". Click on "menu" and on your left you will see a menu with different levels (1º ESO, 2º ESO, 3º ESO, etc). Click the level you like and start practising!
  • La mansión del inglés (a website where you can find EVERYTHING!: (grammar, vocabulary, listenings, audiotexts, activities,etc)
  • a4esl Quizzes, tests, exercises and puzzles to help you learn English as a Second Language
  • Manythings A fun study site for English learners with quizzes, tests, puzzles, proverbs and much more!
  • BBC A website where you can find everything to improve your English
  • Grammar Acquarium (a website with many grammar exercises online which you can also print)
  • Clubtelepolis (a website with many online grammar & vocabulary activities and games. It also has a very good selection of good websites)
  • Learnenglish (an excellent website where you can find thousands of activities for grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, games, quizzes, etc)






  • Debatepedia (an excellent wiki with many ideas and possible arguments for debates and discussions)
  • Englishcentral (a website where you watch videos and imitate the pronunciation. You can get marked and corrected)
  • (a site where you can practice your English with native teachers. You need to subscribe and pay an amount)


  • Songs in English (improve your English with songs) notes-20.gif
  • Redkaraoke (Listen and sing your favourite songs karaoke online. You can record your singing too!)
  • (learn with English songs, sing along and watch the videos with the lyrics)
  • Que de letras (thousands of songs of your favourite artists with lyrics and videos to sing along)



  • BBC (a great website where you can select a phonetic symbols and you can watch a video explaining the sound)
  • Howjsay (an excellent site where you can write a word and listen to its correct pronunciation)
  • Phonetics focus (fantastic site with many resources to practice your pronunciation)
  • Lessons about authentic American pronunciation.
  • Phonetics (excellent site with images that help you understand how English sounds are produced)
  • Learn English (great site with main topics to imitate pronunciation)
  • Agendaweb (good site to practice the different sounds in English, includes a phonetic chart to listen to the sounds and see the phonetic symbol)





  • Free tv video online (Watch your favourite tv series and movies online for free!)
  • (Watch yur favourite movies and tv shows online for free)
  • Videojug. A fantastic site where you will find thousands of videos connected to many different topics (beauty, sports, love, hobbies, etc). Not only you'll improve your English, but you will also learn about many useful things.
  • _images_header_720.jpg: Learn English watching videos (you can watch and read the English and Spanish version at the same time)