Here you can find a list of all the units we have seen in class. Simply click on the unit you are interested in and start practising!

Lesson 1A

  • Family podcast (click on this link and go to the podcast page. Look for podcast number 4 named "Family". You'll be able to listen to it, do the activities, vocabulary exercises and read the transcript when you finish)

Lesson 1D

  • Listen and decide what does your friend want you to do

Lesson 2A

Lesson 2B

Lesson 4B

Lesson 4B

  • Movie trailers

Romance (GHOST)

Science-fiction (THE WAR OF THE WORLDS)

Lesson 4C

Lesson 4D

Lesson 5A

Lesson 5B

  • on-the-plane.pdf (a lesson plan to revise the topic of airplanes: vocabulary, speaking, reading,etc)

Lesson 6B


Lesson 6D

  • Listen to the following dialogue at a restaurant in London. Now listen to part 2

Lesson 7C

  • My best quality (Listening to practice different people's personalities)
  • Listen to 6 possible jobs you can get. What job would you like to do?
  • Crossword about personality adjectives

Lesson 7D

Lesson 10A

Lesson 10B

  • Watch again the video we saw in class about how to reduce and stop stress


Lesson 10D

  • Revise the parts of your body
  • Check all the health vocabulary we have seen in class with this Powerpoint Presentation: health_have.ppt
  • Parts of the body crossword

Relative Clauses

  • Practice the relative pronoun WHOSE

Lesson 11B

Lesson 11D

  • Do this quiz at a clothes shop (part 1)
  • Do part 2
  • What do you think about shopping? Listen to 6 people talking about shopping.